Contact Us

If you're looking to reach out to a particular Department/Director, please use one of the e-mails below. If your inquiry is more general, please use the contact form.

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Director of Programming

Hillary Wilson

If there's something that inspires you that you'd love to see at the con or something you're passionate about that you'd love to present at the con, contact Hillary.

Director of Gaming

Christian Wilson

If you want to see a game at con, or simply can't remember the name of a game you played while at POC, shoot Christian an email. 


Director of Operations

Marc Kesler

To volunteer for Play On Con staff, or to work through any special logistical needs you may have while attending, Marc's the guy to talk to!


Director of Promotions

Bunny Aug

If you have any suggestions on how we can be more engaging, or what you'd like to see us talk about on social media, please contact Bunny.


Director of Hospitality

Judson Hall

For special rooming requests, dietary needs, travel arrangements, or anything else related to the facilities, parties, or registration…hospitality is Judson's bidness!

Director of Events

Wes wilson

If you have questions or feedback on how events are executed at con, contact Wes. 


Con Chairman

Dan Gilbert

Although the other Directors have most areas covered between them, please feel free to contact Dan any time about any aspect of the con.


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