About POC

Play On Con is the best of camp & con combined! We have all your favorite activities from conventions like 24hr gaming, cosplay, concerts, panels, and parties, as well as all your favorite summer camp activities such as archery, canoeing, swimming, and hiking. 


All on-site lodging sales include one free full weekend membership to attend Play On Con, but passes can also be bought separately and you are not required to stay on-site in order to attend.

Our online shop has now closed for 2018, but we will also happily accept walk-ins during the event as long as space is still available.  Or if you want to rent an entire private cabin for the weekend (16 total beds for you and your friends), you can email hospitality@playoncon.com!

Walk-in pricing for 2018 will be as follows below, but please note that our on-site desk will accept CASH ONLY.  Also, don't forget to bring towels for swimming!

  • On-site bunk, which includes a full weekend membership, in a shared cabin - $145
  • On-site tent space, which includes a full weekend membership - $150
  • Full weekend membership - $80
  • Thursday only pass - $15
  • Friday only pass - $30
  • Saturday only pass - $40
  • Sunday only pass - $10

Single day passes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be valid all night, until the next day's schedule begins.

On-site registration will be available from 4PM on Thursday, August 9 until noon on Sunday, August 12.


To request a vendor invitation, please contact our dealers room manager at rstibbitts@gmail.com.  


We will not tolerate harassment of any kind.  This includes unwelcome advances, derogatory comments, and attempts to intimidate.  We reserve the right to revoke the membership of anyone caught harassing anyone else. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, and we expect all of our attendees to Play On well with others.  


You can become President of Play On Con! If you get elected President during one year, you'll serve as President the following year.  This will win you a lifetime membership to the con, as well as a free room and 5 full weekend passes for your cabinet members during the year of your Presidency.  You'll also get to pick the con's theme for the year, and you'll have an opportunity to shape various events. How do you win? It's simple: formulate a campaign (you'll be expected to announce your candidacy by Friday) and have the most POCmarks of any candidate by the time of the Cosplay Contest on Saturday night (where "votes" are tallied).


So, what are POCmarks? POCmarks are Play On Con's official currency! You can get them from completing Achievements, winning contests and competitions, and for generally being awesome. You can use them to support a run for President (see above) or you can spend them in the POC Store (a special area in the dealers room)! We'll have games, mystery boxes, and other awesome stuff you can buy there.

Color Wars

Brand new for POC 11 is Color Wars! Basically, every cabin or other logical division of on-site lodging will get a team color and matching team shirts.  Then on Saturday we'll have a field day, with a series of contests where varying numbers of members from each team will compete for fabulous prizes and glory!  You may be called upon to represent your team for trivia, relay racing, or sock throwing.  Or you might just have to take a pie in the face to defend your color's honor!  We'll be keeping most specifics around this a secret until war breaks out, but if you grew up watching Double Dare or Wild & Crazy Kids like most of us did, you just might have an advantage here.

Choose your color.  Decorate your cabin.  Paint your face.  Talk smack!  We've got spirit.  How about you?


Want to volunteer with us? Great! We're always looking for more good help. Also, due to feedback from prior POCsters, we're now accepting part-time volunteers! You'll be rewarded for part-time hours with POCmarks.

  • Part-time volunteers (Minimum 4 hour shift) will win 10 POCmarks/hr.
  • Full time POC volunteers (12hrs+ over the course of the con) will get 150 POCmarks and a free full weekend pass.
  • Full-time volunteers who are receiving an extra full weekend pass from staying on-site will be able to trade in the additional pass for other POC merchandise by emailing hospitality@playoncon.com before August 1.

If you know where you'd like to volunteer, feel free to reach out to that department's Director on our contact page. If you're flexible or unsure, email us at operations@playoncon.com, and we'll work with you to figure it out! We have a lot of roles behind the scenes that you may not have considered.


Camp Blue Ridge's dining hall will be open for business during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus we're planning to have a secondary vendor (food truck/cart) on-site each night after hours.  Specific options will vary over the weekend, but we always make sure there are good, affordable choices for a congoing crowd, including vegetarians.  The camp's chef has been on TV for his cooking and has won awards, so we definitely encourage you to give the dining hall a try!

Additionally, there are quite a few good restaurants less than three miles away, including Fortify Pi, which we all love!

Most attendees bring in groceries and prepare at least some of their own food.  This is perfectly OK, but please do not plan to bring electric appliances into your cabin or room!  The lodging buildings aren't wired to provide that level of power.  Outdoor cooking is OK as long as it's in a safe place.  The camp doesn't have any grills like you might find at a park, but we fully expect to see some attendees bringing in camping stoves, etc.

Food from any provider may be carried into any convention area.  This includes food you've prepared yourself and food from outside restaurants.  The same is true for beverages, but for safety reasons we ask that no glass containers be carried, and in some areas such as children's events we will not allow alcohol.

All the camp asks is that you use the designated eating areas (dining hall, picnic tables, etc.) and dispose of your trash appropriately.  Pleased understand that this camp is in the woods and in the mountains, so if you eat in your cabin or leave trash lying around, you could draw ants, rats, or even bears!