What Is Play On Con?
The LEAGUE OF FANDOM AND GAMING (LFG) proudly presents PLAY ON CON (POC), an affordable, family-friendly, 4-day science fiction & fantasy fandom convention dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and building a real sense of community with gaming, entertainment, parties, and related events year-round.

Let’s Break it Down For You.
We, POC’s senior directors, have been involved in Southern fandom for many, many years, and we believe it’s time to get back to our roots. At the core level, great cons are about freedom: freedom to think, freedom to do, and freedom to be. We don’t believe such freedom is found in panel discussions or at celebrity autograph tables. We believe it comes from being in an environment built for satisfaction, free from boring waits at Registration and mob rule at the elevators. We believe it comes from being surrounded by people who can truly understand one another, who can leave their real-world chores behind for a while to come out and play. And whether you find your freedom in a game, at a show, at a party, or in the pool; when you’re at our con…we say Play On!

So It’s a Relaxacon?
Not at all! We spend months and months each year planning for a full programming track, a sizable dealers room, and a fair sampling of celebrity guests. We just prefer to keep the spotlight on the things that bring us all together, and equality is an essential part of the con’s theme. So you might play a game or drink a beer with that guy who wrote that thing you like…or you might attend the workshop where he’ll write something with you…but you generally will not stand in line waiting for his autograph!

Are All Ages Welcomed?
Absolutely!  A few of our shows or games might have signs outside suggesting parental discretion for younger children due to language, and some of the party areas are 21+ only--but then we also have other shows, games, and parties for those under 21.  We've had adult attendees bringing along kids (and/or parents!) for years now, and everyone always has a great time.  Family's what the con's all about!

It is important to note that all attendees under 18 require an attending adult to be responsible for them at Play On Con. A minor without an on-premise adult will not be allowed to register for the convention. If the responsible adult leaves the convention spaces, they will be required to take the minors they registered along with them. Play On Con will hold the attending adult responsible for the actions of the minors they register with. 

When Is It?
POC 11 will be held Thursday, August 9 - Sunday, August 12, 2018. Additionally, tradition demands that we have a lightweight pre-party on Wednesday night, and a group Mexican restaurant outing followed by a dead dog hotel party on Sunday night.

Where Is It?
We have moved our event to Northerrn Georgia in order to grow.  We're located near Clayton, Georgia, a scenic little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


What Is There to Do?
While we appreciate the appeal of a huge convention that caters to every possible genre of fandom, we believe we’ll deliver more fun and Southern hospitality at our smaller, more focused event. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day and you can be in just one place at a time, even at a con! Here’s a quick look at the Four Pillars of what we’ll be presenting.


Rather than herding our customers like cattle in order to showcase untouchable guests, we prefer to focus on audience participation, game shows, team trivia, live-action storytelling, workshops, and a Guest of Honor chosen directly from the fandom community. Our entertainment lineup will center on turning the spotlight back onto the fans, and if you know Wes, you know he’s one of Southern Fandom’s most acclaimed show pros.
If your inner performer says, “Come on down!” to fabulous prizes…we say Play On!


We’ll have a wide range of game tournaments, a library of games for open play, and a variety of popular video games. We’ll also have dedicated space and staff to keep our “Gaming Widows” (or “Gaming Widowers”) amused while their significant others are neck-deep in hardcore gaming! If you come in looking for a good game to play, Christian and his staff will give you personal attention and do everything practical to help you find one—24 hours a day.
If your inner ogre says, “CRUSH!” to the seductive call of sleep…we say Play On!


This is one of the biggest advantages smaller cons like ours have over their larger counterparts. How can anyone possibly pour drinks for 20,000+ “unique individuals” shuffled through a hotel room?! At Play On Con, we’ll have a crowd where everybody knows your name, and you’ll see an interesting new take on party hosting. We’re actively recruiting all the award-winning hosts we’ve befriended during our decades in fandom, and we’re bringing back old school party-hopping, big time! No closed doors, no velvet ropes…just the old-fashioned hospitality Southern Fandom is known for. And in the Party corner, wearing the Trunks of Questionable Origin...Judson!
If your inner physician says, “This won’t hurt a bit” to administering shots…we say Play On!


When you become a POC member by registering, you get far more than a pass to a single-weekend event. After every planning meeting we have, we’ll follow-up with a members-only appreciation party. We’ll also let you know when POC will be at another con, and we’ll try to get together while we’re there. And whenever we have a closed-door room party at a really big con, we’ll let you know about that, too.
So…are you ready to say Play On!?