Dan Gilbert, Con Chairman

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At 17, I was the youngest member of my gaming group when we attended our first con. They all got into the parties, and I had to stay behind all night in my little crash space in the closet. Without fail, though, they were each kind enough to come back periodically to the room, open the closet door, and tell me exactly how much fun I was missing! I’m totally still making up for that….Magic closet, indeed!

Dan’s been involved in convention staffing and management since the first day he set foot on proper con soil in 1994 (Magnum Opus Con 9).  He's run programming that had audiences crying from laughter, he's hosted gaming tournaments that had people coming in from other countries, he's thrown more award-winning parties than anyone who's attended them could ever hope to count, and he's served in just about every other con staffing role out there at some time or another.  Since he entered fandom, not a year has gone by where he wasn't working for some con somewhere.

In real life, Dan has an extensive background in hotel management, restaurant/bar management, and IT.  He's also done a little in sales, writing, and game development.  And sometimes he sings in a band.

In 2007, Dan recruited two fellow Directors and the resulting team created Play On Con.  Dan assumed the role of Hospitality Director, and as the con's initial founder he was also elected Executive Director.  Since Play On Con's debut in 2008, attendance effectively doubled each year, so the Board let him keep the head job!

In 2012, however, Dan handed off the reigns of Hospitality Director in order to expand his role as Chairman for the whole con.  The show's reached a size where keeping track of the big picture is a full-time job, and Dan's excited about placing more focus on overall improvements each year!

Although the other Directors have most areas covered between them, please feel free to contact Dan any time about any aspect of the con.