Judson Hall, Hospitality Director

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I find your lack of trombone disturbing.
Known to some as the Colonel, known to others as Darth Riker, and known to a select few as Voltaire's waterboy, Judson's been making lasting impressions on congoers for about 10 years.  He's served on the Play On Con Hospitality Team since its inception, where he's helped lead teams for everything from guest services to party decor, and he's also been a critical part of our traveling room party crew since its very early stages.  In 2010, Judson spearheaded, organized, and hosted our very popular Iron Bartender event, of which he remains in charge today.
In addition to serving as our Assistant Director of Hospitality in 2011, Judson has over 15 years of hotel experience, including 7 years in hospitality management.  He also has an extensive background in IT leadership, with strong focus on process and procedures.
Judson will help us Play On by making sure the hotel and the con are on the same page in the areas where they most frequently aren’t. He’s got a thorough understanding of both sides of the equation: he knows how to run great parties, and he knows how to run great hotels. The two don’t have to be opposed! He’ll also be in charge of Registration, where we currently boast an average checkin time of around 30 seconds per person.
For special rooming requests, dietary needs, travel arrangements, or anything else related to the facilities, parties, or registration…hospitality is Judson's bidness!
  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!