Sponsorship Drive 2015

The Play On Con Sponsorship Drive is Here!

sessionsponsorWait… “Sponsorship Drive”? Weren’t you fundraising at this point in time last year?

Yes… Yes, we were. We had needs without the funds to make them happen. This year, we’ve budgeted the needs that worked and ditched the ones that didn’t. If you’ve bought a badge and a room, you’ve helped us raise the funds we need, so “fundraiser” didn’t seem appropriate. Now we’re looking for sponsors.

Why do you need sponsors?

Because we still have dreams we’d like to make a reality. We may have what we need, but there’s still a few things we want. With Voltaire bringing in new faces and our internet exposure on the rise, we’d like to ensure we’re set to impress in every aspect of our weekend. Sponsors can help us up the ante.

gamesponsorBut there are memberships in these rewards, what’s that about?

HYPE! MOAR HYPE! Doing a membership drive at the same time as our sponsorship drive builds enthusiasm, and enthusiasm means more people take a look at what we’re offering. We have some great sponsorship opportunities that deserve more eyes. So all aboard the hype train! WooWoo!!!

What are the sponsorship rewards?

Our rewards are designed to offer good incentives, especially if you are not attending the event.

For attendees: You may purchase memberships at the lowest price they will be offered before the show!

$55: One Full Weekend Badge for POC 8 in 2015 
$110: Two Full Weekend Badges for POC 8 in 2015

For businesses, organizations and groups: You can get advertisements in the program book, sponsor or brand rooms for the weekend of POC 6, and get your promotional materials into the hands of our attendees.

Sponsors of the following items will have their name added to the POC sponsor web page until the 2016 show.  Sponsors of over $100 may choose to display a 500x100px banner with a clickable link on the POC  Sponsors webpage.

swag3$20: Small Printed Material Included in the Shwag Bag
$35: Large Printed Material Included in the Shwag Bag 
$95 (1): Sponsor the Swag Bag with your printed logo (must provide bags)

$55: ¼ page ad in the Program Book
$65: ½ page ad in the Program Book
$80: Full page ad in the Program Book

$100 (3): Sponsor an Iron Bartender Ingredient
$100 (10): Sponsor a Gaming or Programming Session
$100 (1): Sponsor POC Pool Toys
$150 (1): Sponsor 2015 POC Marks
$200 (3): Sponsor the Party Dorm Building
casinosponsor$250 (4): Brand a gaming room for the weekend
$400 (1): Sponsor Registration
$400 (1): Brand the Theater
$450 (1): Sponsor and Brand the Charity Casino
$525 (1): Brand the Con Suite
$550 (1): Brand the Dealer's Room
$575 (1): Sponsor the Costume Contest
$700 (4): Sponsor One Day of Shuttle Service
$600 (1): Sponsor the Friday Night Concerts & Events
$1000 (1): Sponsor the Saturday Night Concert & Events


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Welcome, POCsters!

Play On Con 10 was held July 6-9, 2017 at the Alabama 4-H Center.  Thank you for joining us!

Our 2018 dates are August 9-12, and while our exact location is still TBA, we can let you know it's going to be in the North Georgia area!

You can find out more information by reading our latest newsletter:

Play On Con (POC) is a family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention!

We focus on four main areas for our attendees:

  1. Shows: Interactive and energetic programming that welcomes new fans as well as old.
  2. Gaming: The best board, RPG, live action, video, and card gaming available.
  3. Parties: Nightly (and daily!) hospitality events thrown by award-winning party hosts.
  4. Community: Active personal involvement with related fandom events throughout the year.




  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!