2018 Host Hotel

Camp Blue Ridge

Playhouse Dr
Mountain City, GA 30562


Go check out their Web Site!

10 POC-perfect Property Points to Pondergaming!

  1. We're buying out all of the camps sleeping rooms and will have exclusive run of the property.
  2. We'll be less than 5 minutes from civilization!  Clayton has a great little downtown with great shops and restaurants.
  3. We have a ton of great indoor meeting spaces to accommodate our traditional con features like gaming, shows, and parties.  All the space is within easy walking distance of each other.
  4. There will be campfires, ghost stories, and some spectacular outdoor live-action gaming areas.  There might even be Bill Murray-style morning announcements and/or special appearances from everyone's favorite summer camp psycho.
  5. There are also canoes, an archery range, and a bunch of other really cool stuff that you never get to see at a con!  This year's venue offers even more exciting opportunities than the 4H was able to offer!  We'll be opening up as many of these activities for our attendees as we can afford.
  6. There is a pool, but it's right next to a gigantic, mountain springwater-fed swimming area.  More options to swim and splash!
  7. The new cafeteria has an award-winning chef, and there will be nearby food offerings that won't take a major expedition to reach.
  8. Any/all food and beverages (except glass containers) may be carried into any/all event spaces.  You can grab something from the cafeteria, order delivery, carry around your own groceries--whatever you prefer--and take it wherever you're going to Play On!  As long as you don't try to sell food or should find much more freedom here than seen at other hotels.
  9. Wifi is free, and Camp Blue Ridge has actual cell service!
  10. Yes, they have functioning AC in the cabins and many of the interior spaces.  We'll be up in the mountains, so it will be much cooler than in previous years.  And we're planning to run a shuttle around the property.  This is outdoors on Easy Mode, vampires!
  11. Did we mention the lack of mundanes and the dramatically reduced chance for noise complaints here?!

More Stuff You Should Know About the Propertymainprog2small

We're in North Georgia, a few miles from Clayton, GA. We are almost equal distance from both the Atlanta and Greenville airports, so you can pick which one is better if you're flying in.

  1. On-site lodging is all bunk-houses this year, but your badge and a T-shirt is included in every bed we sell. 
  2. There's a discount for reserving and filling an entire cabin.  If you can, please arrange to book your space with other POCsters wherever possible.
  3. We have an overflow hotel picked out, but since this is our first year at the new property, we hope you'll prioritize staying on-site.
  4. Sorry--there are no smoking rooms, and all smoking must be outside.  Also, there are no pet-friendly rooms.
  5. We can have tent camping at this property!  We are currently working out the details, and should have those available soon!

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  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!