The Next Appointed Hour

What started in 2014 as a home recording project and a home for lost riffs with hetero life mates Johnathan Player and Richard Shanlever, The Next Appointed Hour was a too many layered burrito of music to be intended as a live band.
However, after drinking something called "The Spice Melange" mixed with Miller High Life and dragon's milk, the two folded space (or maybe made some phone calls, it's a bit fuzzy) and recruited, former band mates, a whole other two piece band and some fellow Dungeons and Dragons players and the rest as they say is history. Band Members: Johnathan Player Richard Shanlever Ben Bryson Don Simms Josh Chandler Bec Simpson

A dark, Southern, apocalyptic tale of love gone wrong; told through rock and roll music that is often harmony-laden and occasionally heavy, with a healthy psychedelic streak.
Their latest album has been described as " excellent, melodic album that rewards repeated listening." To find out more about the band, visit their Facebook Page.