POC 2017 FAQ

themoreyouknowWhere do I go?

Driving directions are HERE!  When you drive into the 4-H Center, please follow the signs to the main lodge (Guthrie). This lodge should be your first stop for checkin, and for further info.

When should I be there?

Please see our Hours of Operation page!  Activities begin on Thursday night, events run all day Friday and Saturday, and we wind things down on Sunday.

What should I bring?

Shampoo, flashlight, sunscreen, water bottle, vitamins, first aid, bug repellent, umbrella, swimsuit, beach towel, pool toys, squirt guns, frisbee, costumes, and whatever food or beverage you wanna have!

May we participate in the 4-H Center's outdoor events like archery or canoeing?

Yes!  Just be sure to bring close-toed shoes.  No Fivefingers or flip-flops!  Hosted activities will be on the con schedule.  For other activities like miniature golf, just visit the hotel front desk!

Is there food?

There are a variety of food options.  The 4-H Center cafeteria will serve meals throughout the weekend as detailed on our Hours of Operation page.  There will also be outdoor food vendors available late into the night, and there are restaurants in Columbiana just a few minutes away.  If you prefer to bring a cooler and groceries, you'll be able to use the microwave in the con suite, and the 4-H Dining Hall will sell you a giant bag of ice for $3.  Please do not kill the hotel guest ice machine by filling your entire cooler from it!

Can I use a credit card?  Or is there an ATM?

The vast majority of sales at POC will be CASH ONLY.  The nearest ATM is several miles away, so we recommend being prepared!  However, the 4-H Center Dining Hall will accept credit cards all weekend.

Are there grills where we can cook out?

At the 4-H Center there are no grills for public use like you might see in a park.  Please note that cooking raw food (like on a grill) at the 4-H Center is prohibited by county health department law.  However, if you're staying at the RV Resort across the street, grilling is authorized there, and they actually do have several grills around their property.

May I carry around my own food and/or beverage in con areas?

Absolutely.  All we ask is that you avoid using glass containers in all areas of the property and that you don't take outside food or beverage into the cafeteria.

Will there be WiFi?  What about cell signal?

The 4-H Center has free WiFi available in the hotel, the lodge, and the Gaming building.  It is not available in the dorms or in the main programming areas.  Cell signal is spotty throughout the property.  We recommend IMing instead of texting, and you may find it helpful to download something like Skype.  You can of course also use the rooms' landlines, and for emergency contacts you can grab any one of our staffers carrying a radio to help.

What's the deal with parking?

Parking at the 4-H Center is free to all Play On Con attendees, and you should get a parking pass to put in your car window when you get your POC badge.  Spaces are limited, though, and we highly recommend carpooling.  If all of the 4-H Center's parking is taken, there is an overflow lot across the street where your pass will also work, and we're planning a shuttle to get you from there to the main lodge.

When can I check into my room?

Hotel Checkin is guaranteed by 4PM, but if you're there sooner you're welcome to ask if your room is ready.

What's with the tuxedos on Thursday?

The Thursday night Charity Casino is a dress-up event for many people.  It's not required, but if you like to get into some finery for that night, you'll be in good company.  So if you have a cocktail dress, a tuxedo, a suit or a costume that makes you feel like you're in a James Bond movie, a Victorian house of cards, or a speakeasy, you should consider joining in.

What's all this about running for President?

Participating in POC activities will earn you POC Marks, the official currency of Play On Con.  POC Marks can be used to purchase prizes in the POC Store, or they can be used as votes to support a particular candidate for next year's POC President.

Do I have to be 21?

Although almost all of Play On Con is family friendly, some party areas are exclusively 21 and over.  There are, however, nighttime events, programming, and gaming for those who cannot attend or have no desire to attend the parties.

What if I have questions not answered here?

The Convention staff is eager to help you with any questions you might have.  Please feel free to flag down anyone on staff and ask for help.  If you have a question before the con, please see our Contact Us page!  If you have a question during the con, the easiest thing to do is to look for someone carrying a radio.  Those on our team will have special badge attachments to identify themselves as POC staff.


  1. Costuming will be going on all weekend at POC.  People will often theme their costuming based on the parties that they plan on attending.

  2. Play On Con features one of the largest Gaming Libraries in the South.  These games can be checked out to play in Open Gaming.  Open gaming is open as long as people are gaming, and if you need help learning a particular game, the staff is there to help.

  3. The Pool at the Alabama 4-H Center will be open all night, but only 21+ adults will be allowed in after midnight.  It will only close for a few minutes each morning so that it can be routinely cleaned.

  4. Our Dealers Room is open to the public.  You do not need a badge to come shop at Play On Con.