2017 Registration

Online registration has now closed, and our team is now on its way to the con!  We will be happy to welcome you at our on-site Registration desk, opening at 4PM on July 6.  Please note that on-site registration is CASH ONLY.

  • FORMS--We will still need every attendee to fill out a registration form. When you arrive at the con, you can grab a blank form, fill it out, and bring it to the registration table.  BUT WAIT!  You can also print out the form ahead of time and bring it with you, if you prefer.  Click HERE to download it.  Either way, we'll take your completed form on-site, as well as any payment needed, and then we'll send you on your way with your shiny new con badge!
  • KIDS--For legal reasons, every attendee under the age of 18 must be registered with an accompanying adult. This adult must be a registered convention attendee with a pass that allows equal or greater convention access to that of the underage attendee, and he/she must be willing to accept responsibility for supervision and safety of the underage attendee. The accompanying adult's badge number will be attached to the underage attendee's registration form in case we need to make contact for any reason. Kids 12 and under may register on-site in this manner at no charge.
  • REVOCATION--We reserve the right to revoke Play On Con memberships for any reason. Don't be a jerk, or we might have to hit you with the banhammer!


All Weekend: $75

Thursday Only: $15*

Friday Only: $35*

Saturday Only: $45*

Sunday Only: $10*

*Single day passes will only be available for purchase on-site, on the day for which they are valid, and they will not expire until 9AM the following morning.

Looking for staff registration and/or have other questions?  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!