The Hunt for the Horcruxes


Join us for our first-ever, all-ages, wizard-themed puzzle hunt!

The quest to find all of the horcruxes will take you to the far corners of the Alabama 4H center, as you race to stop the evil Vold-- er, well, let's not say his name.  Each discovery will give you a clue toward the next location.  This event runs most of the weekend, so you can proceed at your own pace.

To particpate, come to either of the intro sessions in the Open Gaming Room -- 5pm Thursday, or 5pm Friday.  You'll be given a brief introduction and the first clue in the hunt.  If you can't make either session -- no problem!  Just stop by the Open Gaming Library for your first clue.

On Saturday afternoon at 5pm, join us for the ending celebration!  Where, you ask?  You'll have to complete the hunt to find out!

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