Marc Kesler, Operations Director

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Marc Kesler

Big wheels, keep on turning!

Co-owner of CG Sound and Lighting (and one half of southern fandom's notorious Combat Grannies!), Marc's been working con operations for over 20 years.  He's helped produce events at several other cons ranging from DragonCon to Frolicon to Magnum Opus Con, and he's been on Play On Con's Operations team since year 1.  Today, in addition to conventions, his company services concerts, parties, weddings, corporate presentations, and various other special events in the southeast region.  Fleshing out this "professional backstage manager" résumé even further, for the last 10 years Marc's also been an operations manager in the IT world.

Of course he's spent plenty of time onstage too!  A graduate of UGA's School of Music, Marc's an expert saxophonist, a skilled bass player, and a not-too-shabby singer!  He currently gigs with two bands in the Atlanta area in his spare time--and before he was an operations manager...he was a music professor.  What's that thing Orsino said again?

For POC, Marc's combining his extensive special event production and operations management experiences to improve logistics in all areas of the con.  He'll coordinate our volunteer army, he'll help make sure nothing catches fire, and he'll make the trains run on time!  Additionally...if you mess with any of our Security team members, he might just have to come thrash you.

To volunteer for Play On Con staff, or to work through any special logistical needs you may have while attending, Marc's the guy to talk to!