Run for President!

Play On Con wants YOU!

Above all else, POC is centered around two things: freedom and equality.  Perhaps the greatest expression of both is in our annual election for POC President (AKA Fan Guest of Honor)!
Running for President is simple.  Any registered Play On Con attendee may announce candidacy and offer our audience a campaign speech during Friday night's Fan Guest of Honor event.  Then the race is on, and whichever candidate collects the most votes by the end of Saturday evening's follow-up event is the winner!
As a progressive society, we fully recognize that the only true voting is done via the pocketbook, and this truth is openly endorsed by our election process!  Thus, the way you vote is with your cash--specifically, con cash (AKA POCmarks).  The more POCmarks a candidate has, the more clearly he/she has the love of the POC people!  As such, the candidate who offers our official votetaker the largest amount of this representation of the people's love will be declared next year's POC President.  The runner-up will serve as Vice President and assume the office of President in the unlikely event that the elected President is unable to perform his/her duties for any reason.
Being President of Play On Con is a very honorable job!  But if glory's not enough for you, the position does have a few other perks, including
  • A complimentary sleeping room next year
  • Free admission next year for yourself and up to five of your "Cabinet Members"
  • Free admission to all future POCs for yourself and your "First Lady" or "First Dude"
  • Power to shape the administration of next year's con (theme a party, develop a show, help us select a's up to you!)
  • Power to issue executive orders directly to the attendees!

Start your campaign for the people's love today!