Rock Band Rules

rockbandpromo2Play On Con has become notorious for our Rock Band tournaments, and we're proud to travel to other conventions to share this guilty pleasure--with a yearly championship hosted at POC itself!

A four player team plays Rock Band for the judges and are scored based on their costumes, their antics, and their in-game score.

A more detailed list of rules can be found below.

The POC Rock Band Library:
Check out the official POC song library using the links on the left menu!



Full List of Rules:

  1. You must have a four-player team.
  2. You must have a vocalist. With Rock Band 3, you may divvy out other players as you see fit between drums, keyboard, guitar, and bass.
  3. You may play in more than one band. If too many teams compete, bands will be chosen so that the most people get to play. Bands with duplicate members will be cut first.
  4. You must play a song from the POC Rock Band library. Every member in your band must have a play track in the song you choose. If there is a technical difficulty regarding the song, you must be willing to play an alternate track from the library.
  5. Your final score will be comprised of 100 points.
    • 30 points will come from the three judges and will be based on your costumes.
    • 30 points will come from the three judges and will be based on your on-stage performance.
    • 30 points will be a sliding scale measurement of your game score in comparison to the other game scores. I.E. The high-scoring team that gets 300k on a song will earn 30 points. A team that only scored 150k will get 15 points. Failing the song will get you zero points.
    • 10 points will come from the host and will be based on how well they liked your song selection.
  6. Depending on time restraints, the highest scoring two teams may be asked to compete in a final round. This battle may have different conditions than main game play. Typically, this is a final-score based competition only.