2017 Overflow Info

2017 Overflow Lodging Information

calerahampton1) Before you book at the overflow hotel, please check our POC Shop to see if there's anything available on site that would meet your needs.  If there isn't, you can fill out our waiting list form.  We're bound to have a few people looking to cancel their onsite reservations because they've started a new job, moved to a new country, or bought a new cat.  If we can sell you one of these rooms, we can give its prior reserver a refund, and then everybody will be happy!  But you have to fill out the form and give us your contact info before we can do that.  Please note that we generally don't reply until there's an opening to discuss with you.

2) Also before booking the overflow hotel, please consider the RV Resort across the street from the 4-H Center.  It's where our overflow parking will be, and we will offer on-demand shuttle service to and from there all weekend.  They have water and power hookups, so RV lodging will be perfectly comfortable.  Also, they have outdoor grills, which could make for some most worthy mealtimes, and they have a nice little shop where you can get provisions.  Cruise America has some competitive rates when you consider that 5-7 people can sleep in one RV, and the rate to park there--including power, water, and sewage--is around $28/day.  We highly recommend taking a look and giving them a call!  We've even had a few POCsters work out tent camping arrangements with them.  The Marina's employees are all very helpful, and they'll generally come help you with things like RV hookup if you just ask.

3) If the above options don't work for you, you can also book a room at the Hampton Inn in Calera (group code POC).  Note that if your plans change later, the Hampton does allow cancellation up until 6PM on the day of arrival.  This property is several miles away from the host hotel, however, and we do not have shuttle service planned for here.  We do have plenty of free parking on site and in the overflow lot if you'd like to drive yourself over each day, though.  Note that the cutoff for booking at Hampton, assuming they don't sell out before then, is June 21st.

PLEASE NOTE that the 4-H Hotel will provide luggage check services to all POC attendees.  So if you stay in a cottage and wanna lock something away, or if you ride in on the shuttle and just wanna avoid carrying your stuff around all day, all you have to do is visit the front desk!


2017 Host Hotel

The Alabama 4-H Hotel and Conference Center

892 4-H Road
Columbiana, AL 35051
**All on-site lodging for 2017 has sold out!  Please fill out our waiting list form at the following address so that we can contact you if something opens up due to cancellation:


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10 POC-perfect Property Points to Pondergaming!

  1. We're buying out all of the Center's sleeping rooms and will have exclusive run of the property.
  2. We have a ton of great indoor meeting spaces to accommodate our traditional con features like gaming, shows, parties, etc.
  3. There will be campfires, ghost stories, and some spectacular outdoor live-action gaming areas.  There might even be Bill Murray-style morning announcements and/or special appearances from everyone's favorite summer camp psycho.
  4. There are also canoes, an archery range, and a bunch of other really cool stuff that you never get to see at a con!  We'll be opening up as many of these activities for our attendees as we can afford.
  5. They have one of the biggest pools we've ever seen at a con, and it'll be open all night--much like prior years, only bigger, outside, and away from the bright lights of the city.
  6. The cafeteria options are tailored to our group.  Prices are far more reasonable here than they are at other hotels, and there are lots of grab-and-go options!
  7. Any/all food and beverages (except glass containers) may be carried into any/all event spaces.  You can grab something from the 4H Center, order delivery, carry around your own groceries--whatever you prefer--and take it wherever you're going to Play On!  As long as you don't try to sell food or should find much more freedom here than seen at other hotels.
  8. Wifi is free.
  9. Yes, they have functioning AC.  In every indoor space.  And most of the meeting spaces have interior corridor entrances.  And the walk between buildings is quite short.  And we're planning to run a shuttle around the property.  This is outdoors on Easy Mode, vampires!
  10. Did we mention the lack of mundanes and the dramatically reduced chance for noise complaints here?!

More Stuff You Should Know About the Propertymainprog2small

  1. We're outside of "Birmingham proper" here, down in Shelby County.  It's still the Birmingham area, but it's a few miles off of the beaten (interstate) path and kinda...out in the woods where summer camps live.  Please plan for a slightly longer commute!
  2. On-site lodging is limited, and we sold out quickly last time!  Please plan to book early, and please arrange to share your space with other POCsters wherever possible.
  3. The closest other hotel is about 15 miles away.  If it's important for you to sleep on site, we again recommend booking as early as possible.  You may also want to consider renting a boat or RV to crash at the Marina around the corner, where our overflow parking is hosted.
  4. Sorry--there are no smoking rooms, and all smoking must be outside.  Also, there are no pet-friendly rooms.
  5. No tent camping is allowed on site, but we would again recommend checking out the nearby Marina, where we plan to run a parking shuttle whenever on-site parking is full.

Questions?  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

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