Hillary Wilson, Programming Director

Hillary Wilson
It's me... Lydia!
An avid fan of board games, sci-fi, and all sorts of fandom, Hillary Wilson started small in the con world by simply attending Play On Con in year 2, where she fell in love with POC. Through the amazing experiences she had there, she very quickly gained the confidence and knowledge to work her way up the volunteer ladder, holding several positions at POC in the last few years, including Open Gaming Manager and Assistant Programming Director. In addition to her volunteer work for the con, she became well known for her costumes, showmanship, and uniquely creative approach to just about everything.
Hillary is an award-winning costumer, an electronics enthusiast, founder of Luck n Luster handmade dice jewelry, a dancer, and a purveyor of many other forms of creative expression. In her real life, she was a social worker for several years until she fell in love with working with children about 6 years ago. Her unique combination of experience, and knowledge, both in the convention world and out, has shaped her to be adaptable, practical, enthusiastic, a quick learner, a creative problem solver, and a true jack of all trades.
She brings her love of Play On Con, her varied knowledge of all things geeky, and her uniquely creative approach to everything she works on at Play On Con, from shows, to craft panels, to even the behind the scenes tasks. She wants everyone to have a unique and amazing experience at Play On Con just like she did a few short years ago, and tries to create programming that engages everyone, and makes them feel welcome.
If there's something that inspires you that you'd love to see at the con or something you're passionate about that you'd love to present at the con, contact Hillary.
  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!