Apprentice Track

Play On Con really loves when entire families come and help us make magic, so we've put together an Apprentice Track specifically for our under-21 attendees. They even get some prizes and events the big kids don't get to take part in!

2017 Apprentice Events:
6:00 pm Pool Party and Meetup
8:00 pm Apprentice Casino Games
11:00 How To: Striderbots
1:00 Apprentice Artemis 
2:00 Water War
3:00 Valentines in July Party
8:00 Star Talk
9:00 Fireside Smores and Stories
10:00 Pokemon TCG Tournament
1:00 Pokeball Hunt
2:00 Fidget Spinner Olympics
3:00 Disney Karaoke Pool Party
8:00 Glow Party