Geeky Jewelry Workshop

Come explore fun options for being crafty, stylish and geeky at the same time! Hillary will have supplies and lessons prepared for a few different nerdy jewelry workshops, and will let the group decide which one they would like to do. All tools and supplies will be provided. No experience or artistic ability necessary. All ages welcome,  but children under 10 will need adult supervision.


Malevolent Karaoke

Make your loved ones and friends sing songs they hate for fun and fabulous prizes! Two-person teams required, and you'll score higher if your partner really knows which songs make you squirm.  We'll pair up any single players, though, so feel free to come alone!

  • Secretly pick a karaoke song for your partner to sing, making sure it's one he/she doesn't like.
  • Watch with malicious delight as your partner takes the mic, realizes the evil you've done, and pushes through it anyway.
  • Have the same done to you when it's your turn to take the stage!

Judges will assign scores in Malevolence, Performance, and Audience Reaction. The team with the highest total score wins!


Aegyo Theater


Come get a glimpse of Korean culture while watching some of the funniest, nerdiest and most clever TV you will see! We will have some of South Korea's most popular TV shows for your perusal and even provide a quick reference sheet of commonly used Korean words. Come join the fun!


Intro to Wearable Electronics

Come learn how to integrate electronics into your costume as Red Mountain Makers gives a hands on class. They will provide a workshop starting from the basics so you can add electronics to your next cosplay. All ages welcome, but children must have a parent present.


Love By The Numbers

"I roll to woo the tavern girl!" is an old chestnut in the RPG community. What happens, however, when you really do add the rules to the mix? No FATAL tables, here. We'll discuss RPGs with mechanics around relationships, as well as personal experience with games without such mechanics that just so happened to turn out like a Shakespearean comedy.


Costumes: Makers MishMash

Is your craft workshop stocked with a little bit of everything, what seems like nothing, or a combination of the two? Join us as we discuss how to make the most of leftover supplies, loot & liberate other items for components, re-purpose & recycle humble elements, and do so on a budget, with creativity & ingenuity.



Origami Corner Bookmarks


Learn how to fold origami bookmarks that fit on the corner of a page. Many fun characters. Such fun cat. Peeking Picachu. So corner. Much bookmark.



Marvel's Legion In Westeros


R-Tist from Vulcanite Radio/The Green Seed will lead this game that places Legion and his many mutant personalities inside of the mythical Westeros. Attendees will receive one of Legion's mutant powers and attempt to gain the Iron Throne. Winners will receive prizes and the prestige of the Iron Throne!


Art: Learning to use the color Spectrum

Brock Will help you learn to use the color spectrum to your advantage in this informative workshop about coloring techniques. A limited number of people will get to follow along and color line art pictures. All are welcome to watch and ask questions about art and the techniques presented in the class.


Historical Costuming


Rouge will lead you through the basics of historical costuming, including de-mystifying the corset making process!

  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!