Lodging Information

Play On Con 2019 is located at the Alabama 4H center in Columbiana Alabama.
We offer on-site lodging through THIS WEBSITE. Please do not contact the 4H center about lodging.

We have 3 types of housing available (All have A/C):

To join our waiting list for any sold out items, please fill out THIS FORM.

Hotel Rooms

Similar to a standard Holiday Inn style room, there are 2 queen sized beds, desk, shower, etc. No microwave or refrigerator.

Dorm Rooms

2 bunk beds (4 single beds) per room with a shower bathroom (no bathtubs) attached.

Party Dorms vs Non-Party Dorms
The common area of the Party dorms will be host to nightly 21+ parties. Due to this no one under 21 may stay in the party dorms. There may also be loud noise at night due to this.

Non-Party Dorms are all ages friendly, and there may be host to programming or kids parties held in the common areas during the day. Quiet hours are to be respected in this dorm.


Cottages are what you think of when you think “summer camp”, a large common room with 6 bunk beds (13 single beds) in a room. Toilets/showers are located nearby in a separate building.

You can get a single bed, or if you’re traveling with a large group, get a full bunkhouse for your crew.

More information on all on-site housing is available in the item descriptions on the “Badges and Beds” page.

On-site housing is very limited, but people do drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. If you’d like to be put on a waiting list if on-site housing sells out, email hospitality@playoncon.com and we will notify you if something becomes available.

Off-Site Housing:

RV Park:

Immediately across the street from the 4H property is the Paradise Point Marina Resort & RV Park. While not walking distance to the con, it is close enough for a short drive over, or you can call and request shuttle service to/from the park.


The nearest hotel is actually a B&B. The Columbiana Inn is a fancy Bed & Breakfast located about 11-15 minutes away from the 4H center. Rates start at $95/night.

The next closest is the America’s Best Value Inn starting at $73/night. It is about a 25-30 minute drive to the 4h from this location.