Cabin Deposit (GROUP)

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Bed Cabin Badge.png

Cabin Deposit (GROUP)


This is a deposit to hold an entire bunkhouse cabin Thursday through Sunday exclusively for your group. This deposit is fully refundable once your group secures all 16 bunks in the cabin (8 upper and 8 lower), each of which can be reserved separately in our shop.  Each person reserving a GROUP bunk will be prompted for their group cabin leader's name at checkout, and as providing this deposit makes you the group cabin leader, they should put your name into that prompt.  Or if you provide a cabin name during checkout with this deposit, your bunkmates can provide that name instead.

This deposit does not secure any cabin bunks--it is just to hold the cabin in your name.  If your group fails to secure enough bunks by any cutoff date (see below), then your group's existing reservations will be converted to SOLO reservations and merged in with other groups, at which time this deposit will be used to cover the resulting 10% increase in price per bunk.  Any deposit remaining after that will still be refunded to you.

Cut-off dates for this cabin hold are as follows.

  • 5/16--must have at least eight bunks sold
  • 6/16--must have all 16 bunks sold

As soon as your group cabin has all 16 bunks sold, you will be able to choose your color for Color Wars from the remaining shirt colors available.  Earlier full cabin sales get earlier color picks.


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Buying a bunk in a group cabin saves you money! Only $130 for the weekend instead of $145, which also gets you a FREE badge and a FREE Color Wars shirt! A group deposit is required before group bunk reservations are reserved. 

Groups wishing to enjoy more space per person may purchase any number of bunks to leave empty.  As long as 16 bunks are paid, the cabin will be exclusively your group's for the weekend.

All bunkhouse cabins have built-in bathrooms and showers.  The GROUP cabins will also be lockable.