Wes Wilson

Are you the master of "Dad Jokes"? Well PROVE IT at Dad Joke Battles with Wes! He'll also be running a panel on how to haunt your home. Learn how to make the spookiest house in the neighborhood and host THE best Halloween themed party.

You can also Catch Wes at Iron Bartender, and hosting the Cosplay Contest and other various panels throughout the con. Come say Hi to Wes at #POC11.

weswilson - Wes Wilson.jpg

Who doesn't know Wes? If you don't, Wes is one of our directors and master of the quick-fix for any convention. He's been working in gaming, podcasting, YouTube, and streaming for over a decade. He's hosted and run programming at several conventions across the SouthEast.  He also won't let Rock Band die for some reason. Tell Wes to let it go. 

You can find Wes streaming games late at night over on Mixer... he also works there!