Guest Christopher Tang

Sure you've heard of games like D&D, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun but what about all the other games that are out there? Come for a discussion of the best kept secrets of tabletop RPGs and find your next favorite game. You'll get to learn from a role-playing industry insider and play "stump the panelist" to see if you can find the perfect fit for you. Check out Chris' Panel at #POC11!

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Christopher Tang is a published RPG freelancer as well as being a full time employee of DrivethruRPG, the world's largest RPG download store. At DrivethruRPG he works in publisher services helping thousands of indie RPG creators bring their creations to light. In addition he is the co-owner of Freestyle Science, an RPG production company known for running the LARP After the End and, later this year, premiering their first tabletop book Shores of Carcosa: The Pallid Mask as a license of Horror in Clay after their successful Kickstarter earlier this year.