Welcome, POCsters!

Play On Con 10 will be held July 6-9, 2017 at the Alabama 4-H Center!

2017 membership badges are on sale NOW in the POC Shop!

All lodging is now on sale in the POC Shop There are still a few rooms left, but we don't expect them to last long.

We're extraordinarily grateful to everyone involved in our 2016 event, and now we're excited to Play On into 2017!  Please note, however, that parts of this website still show 2016 information.  We'll be updating to 2017 details as we go.

Play On Con (POC) is a family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention held each year in Birmingham, Alabama--the Magic City!

We focus on four main areas for our attendees:

  1. Shows: Interactive and energetic programming that welcomes new fans as well as old.
  2. Gaming: The best board, RPG, live action, video, and card gaming available.
  3. Parties: Nightly (and daily!) hospitality events thrown by award-winning party hosts.
  4. Community: Active personal involvement with related fandom events throughout the year.




  We need all the input that we can get to make Play On Con the best convention that it can be. If you have programming concepts, share them! If you have artistic ideas, let us know! If you want to help with convention operations, contact Marc to join the crew! We welcome your talents, and hope that you will volunteer to help!