Lodging Information

The bulk of our host property's on-site lodging is in bunkhouse form, with 16 bunks in a cabin.  These cabins can be made private and lockable, with every occupant receiving a key, and they all have their own built-in bathrooms and showers.  We have convenient ways for groups of friends to band together and claim these cabins as their own, including options to buy up extra bunks and leave them empty in order to enjoy more space per person (Color Wars teams can be any size and still work).  But if your group does fill every bunk, each of you can enjoy the full weekend camp experience for the extremely affordable price of $130 total.  This would include your lodging for three nights, your 4-day convention pass (which allows access to all convention events), your Color Wars team T-shirt, and all applicable taxes.  When you consider that the 4-day pass would otherwise be $65, that the T-shirt would be $20, and that the sales/lodging tax of 17% amounts to $19, you could say that you'd be getting a bed for under $9 per night.  So even if you book a fancy hotel room somewhere off-site as your primary lodging, you may find this to be such a value that you don't mind grabbing up a bunk as a backup plan!

There are also a few private rooms on-site, as well as tent camping.  And there are nearby off-site hotel, B&B, and RV options as well, all with shuttle service available.  Details for all of these are below.

And yes, all on-site lodging buildings have air conditioning!  This is outdoors on easy mode, vampires!

To reserve on-site lodging, please visit our Badges & Beds page.  If you find that your desired lodging type is sold out, please join our waiting list.  If you have any questions, please email hospitality@playoncon.com.

individual Bunks

Each on-site bunk rental will include a full weekend convention pass and a Color Wars T-shirt in the reserved cabin's team color at no additional charge.  The total price for an individual (non-group) bunk, which will include all three nights and all applicable sales/lodging taxes, in addition to including the pass and the shirt, will be $145. Volunteers and others who already have passes will be able to trade in their extra bunk passes for other POC merchandise.

group Cabins

A discount of 10% will be offered to groups renting an entire cabin, which will lower the total weekend price per bunk to $130.  A group leader will be able to reserve a group cabin with a deposit of $260, and then each of that group's members will be able to contribute to the group cabin rental separately through the POC website. As soon as your cabin is paid for in full, you can choose your color for Color Wars. Shirt colors are limited, so the sooner you can pay it off the more colors you will have available to choose from! 

private Rooms 

There are a very few "Counselor" rooms on site. Most of these rooms have one full size bed in a shared building with a shared bathroom (Ex: 4 counselor rooms share 3 hallway bathrooms), though some have their own private bathrooms, and one has two twin beds instead of a full size bed.  Please also be aware that the common ("living room") sections of these buildings may be used for con programming and events.

In an effort to manage the inexorable free-for-all we've seen when we've opened up private room sales in the past, and also in a fundraiser stunt aiming to support convention growth via unvarnished capitalism, we've turned this whole private room sale process into a game (because that's how we solve all of our problems), and we're affectionately calling it Room Roulette. We'll start all of these rooms at a very high (read: prohibitive) nightly price, and every day that price will drop by a random amount rolled on a D20.  How long you wait to buy is entirely up to you! If/when you do buy, our Hospitality team will work with you and assign you a room from whichever Counselor rooms aren't already sold at that time.

Tent Camping

Our 2018 property does allow tent camping on-site!  For $150 you can get a 10' x 20' space to set up one tent (plus canopy/kitchen/whatever) on property for all three nights of the con. This will include ONE full weekend pass and Color Wars shirt, and up to three people staying in the tent with you will have access to a special discounted pass+shirt rate of $50.  There are no power or water hookups at these sites, but all tent campers will have access to a set of nearby showers/bathrooms.

Also, we hope this goes without saying, but LEAVE NO TRACE, tent campers!

Off-Site Lodging

We do understand that some congoers just aren't into the full camp experience that comes with shared or primitive overnight accommodations, and that's perfectly OK!  There are a number of other lodging options very near to the camp, and we will have a shuttle number you can call (yay, cell signal!), servicing anywhere in Clayton that's five miles or less from the camp, in case driving isn't a good option for you (Lyft also shows that it services the area, in case you prefer that).  Also, as always, we will offer on-site storage for off-site commuters who want to bring in a bit of luggage (costumes, swimsuits, etc.) without having to carry it around all day.  And you will be welcome to use the bathrooms and showers which our tent campers are sharing if you need to freshen up, change clothes, etc.

The Days Inn Clayton is only three miles (five minutes) from the property, and we'll likely see a healthy number of POCsters staying there.  There are also a few other hotels in Clayton which may be of interest to you, though, depending on your taste and budget.  Or if you're interested in RV camping, the Cross Creek Campground is right next to our camp's parking lot, which means that our on-site (golf cart) shuttle can service it--it's actually closer to everything than some of our on-site lodging was at our last location!  The Mountain Aire B&B is actually the closest hotel option, but they only have seven total rooms/cottages, and we're currently holding some of these for critical staff.  We would absolutely encourage you to get on our waiting list for these if you're interested, however, because we'll be doing everything we can to persuade our staffers to stay on-site!

Want our shuttle to make a stop for you somewhere on your way to or from your hotel?  Just ask your driver!  As long as our shuttle service isn't overflowing with requests, it can also go to non-hotel destinations (and just FYI, Fortify Pi is really good!).

We do not have any special group codes set up with any off-site lodging providers, so please contact them directly for reservation details.  But we can say that everything in Clayton is priced very reasonably!