The con itself is a game, and you can score bonus points by accomplishing specific objectives as you Play On.

Complete these tasks to win glory and prizes!

Achievements 2017:

2018 Achievement list coming soon! 

2017--This year we’re theming our achievements around our POC Presidency (WedOn) and around the source of our con name. Get your achievement card from our Registration table in the lobby, slide it into your badge holder, and Achieve On!  Each COLLECTION achievement wins 500 POC Marks!

Titania Collection (Tan)

  1. Do archery in a costume.  Collect from host.
  2. Take a photo at all 22 locations on the map. Collect from Registration.
  3. Canoe a canoe. Collect from canoe instructor.
  4. Witness sunrise from the pool.  Collect from poolside Security.
  5. Climb the climbing wall. Collect from host.
  6. Post a short video of yourself running during morning nature walk/run on social media using #POC10. Collect from walk/run host.

COLLECTION! Achieve 5 of the 6 above.  Collect from POC Store Manager.

Orsino Collection (Blue)

  1. Sign the happy couple's wedding guest book. Collect from table by theater entrance.
  2. Declare your undying love for someone or something loudly enough that at least 3 people, including Registration staff, can hear. Collect from Registration.
  3. Attend any panel or workshop prefaced with "Love:" on the programming schedule. Collect from event host or Production Assistant (PA).
  4. Dance with someone or something at any of the following concerts: The Next Appointed Hour, Green Seed, Professor Shyguy, Sean Hagler, or Voltaire. Obtain from person wearing pink sequin santa hat. May also be awarded for dancing at other events where hat wearer is present.
  5. Disguise yourself and win a prize in the costume contest.  Collect from host/PA.
  6. Post a selfie with your badge to social media, with #POC10 in the description, and receive one love, heart, or <3 response.

COLLECTION! Achieve 5 of the 6 above.  Collect from POC Store Manager.

Falstaff Collection (Yellow)

  1. Eat some of the happy couple’s wedding cake.  Collect from room host.
  2. Flip a table during Table Flipping.  Collect from host.
  3. Tell your best Dad joke to con suite staff.  Collect from them.
  4. Sing a song at any hosted karaoke event. Collect from KJ.
  5. Talk someone else into buying you something in the vendors room. Collect from store manager.
  6. Post a food truck meal selfie on social media using #POC10.  Collect from Registration.

COLLECTION! Achieve 5 of the 6 above.  Collect from POC Store Manager.

Henry Collection (Green)

  1. Compete in a tournament: Kingdomino, Energy Empire, Star Wars Destiny, or any video game event.  Collect from host.
  2. Participate in one of the following: Clay-o-Rama, Parsely, Blind Date with a Board Game, The Great Dalmuti.  Collect from host.
  3. Serve aboard an Artemis mission. Collect from flight instructor.
  4. Participate in the Ultimate Gamer qualifier.  Collect from host.
  5. Complete the Hunt for the Horcruxes and attend the finale!  Collect from host.
  6. Post a glorious game victory selfie on social media using #POC10. Collect from Librarian.

COLLECTION! Achieve 5 of the 6 above.  Collect from POC Store Manager.